Meow meow, meow meow.
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Girl Maces Dude For Being Rude (by RuthlessTelevison)

"Signed, sealed, delivered! "

There’s probably a conversation to be had here about white men and their belief that their needs and wants are more important than everyone else’s (in this particular case Black women) and white men not taking the anger of Black women seriously.

Oh my gosh. Oh awkward trying to be passive clerk, I feel for you man.

I have to say though, working in the food service made me become like the lovely lady in the blue hoodie. 

Me: “Oh I’m sorry, you want to be rude one of my wonderful customers or one of my coworkers? I’m going to make you pay for it.” 

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A very good reference for Writers, too.  The color of a room, or someone’s clothing can convey emotion or a state of being, or even set the tone for a setting or a situation.

Colors often come with ingrained connotations - they certainly have strong meanings in Asian cultures, and in European cultures they have intrinsically understood meanings.

Red - passion, blood, anger, fire (for example)

This is going in my writer’s journal.